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Via PanAm – The Pursuit of Happiness, Kadir van Lohuizen at the Bronx Documentary Center

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 17th, 6-9PM

On View: October 17 – December 13, 2015

Norberto Hernandez (52) and his wife Olga have been exiled to the island Sucunguadup, which they heightened themselves using coral. They live on the island with their nine grandchildren and child. They have three children of which one lives with them. Kuna Yala (San Blas) consists of a long narrow strip of land and an archipelago of 365 islands, of which 36 are inhabited. Due to the rising of the sea level the Kuna's have to evacuate to the mainland; the islands become to dangerous to live on. August 2012 the first four islands will be evacuated. Its the teritorium of the Kuna indigenous who have an autonomy they fought for in 1925.

Why do people migrate? Where to and for what reasons? What is the fate of the different indigenous populations in the Americas? In Via PanAm, Kadir van Lohuizen investigates the roots of migration in the Americas, a phenomenon which is as old as humanity but is increasingly portrayed as a new threat to the Western world.
Via PanAm follows Van Lohuizen’s footsteps from the very south of Chile to the very north of Alaska. Travelling almost 40,000 km overland along the Pan-American Highway and crossing through 15 countries, Van Lohuizen visualized the stories of the communities, regions and societies he encountered. His work reflects a diverse range of migration experiences both historic and contemporary. The photo stories reflect the complexity of migration – the diverse motivations for coming and going, the struggles and successes, the economic, political, social and environmental contexts, as well as the intimate moments and personal stories – some touching upon current issues, some on topics long forgotten but not resolved. 

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The Via PanAm exhibition is a combination of an audio-visual installation and prints. Together they form a spatial environment in which multimedia photostories and road videos immerse the audience in the surroundings and stories of the project. The exhibition has been shown in Chile, Costa Rica, Luxemburg and The Netherlands. After the Bronx Documentary Center in New York the show will be touring in Guatemala and Honduras in late 2015 and early 2016.
The project has been nominated for several awards in The Netherlands among which the Canon Zilveren Camera Award 2012 and 2013, the Dutch Doc Award 2013, the Best Dutch Book Designs 2013.

Via PanAm is also a book and an iPad app.

Images captions from top to bottom, left to right:  
Via PanAm, Panama. Norberto Hernandez (52) and his wife Olga have been exiled to the island Sucunguadup, which they heightened themselves using coral.
Via PanAm, Peru. Yonel looks at the sugar cane fields in his home village of Chiquitoy.
Via PanAm, migration in the Americas, USA. Once in a while the family, originally from Iraq, goes to the port in San Diego.

Kadir van Lohuizen (1963)
Kadir van Lohuizen has covered conflicts in Africa and elsewhere, but is probably best known for his projects on the seven rivers of the world, the diamond industry, Via PanAm, looking into contemporary migration in The Americas  and his investigations into the human consequences of the rising sea levels. He has received numerous prizes, including two World Press Photo awards. In September 2007, he and ten others founded the NOOR agency. He became a member of the supervisory board of World Press Photo in 2008. To date, he has published four photo books, including Diamond Matters, Aderen and Via PanAm.

The exhibition was produced by Paradox.
Paradox is a Dutch not for profit organization that develops projects around contemporary issues with documentary authors: photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, writers and researchers.
Paradox is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.
Exhibition design: Jeroen de Vries
With the generous support of The Netherlands Consulate General in New York, the Netherland-America Foundation, the National Endowments for the Arts, and International Center of Photography.
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