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THE TRAFFIC OF ILLUSIONS Jean-Christian Bourcart in conversation with Nan Goldin and Pawel Wojtasik

Bourcart Traffic-26

Union Docs
Friday, June 13, 2014 at 7:30pm.
Tickets $9.

Using photography, writing and moving pictures, Jean-Christian Bourcart explores what constitutes an image: a significant surface that questions our relationship to ourselves, to society, to history, to reality. There is often an element of transgression in his work, as he invades personal and private spaces with his camera. From one project to the other, he is playing with layers of meanings to investigate how representation helps us understand the raw nature of the things without reason.

Through his career, he collected unsold wedding pictures, photographed with a hidden camera in brothels, swinging and S&M cubs, photographed New Yorkers stuck in traffic jams, projected pictures of Iraqi victims on American houses, and documented the most dangerous city in the USA. He also directed two fiction feature movies and a dozen of videos, and five books about his work have been published.

Union Docs
322 Union Ave. Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY 11211

More info: www.uniondocs.org



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